Multi-Session Talks


The Thrill of Repentance (3 or 4 sessions)

Repentance is a little used word and often has either no connotation or conjures up images of sackcloth and ashes.  However, repentance is a most basic and significant concept in Christianity.  Rather than something to be feared and avoided, it is something that is thrilling in both its practice and its blessings!

Where Are You Sitting? (3 or 4 sessions)

Adapted from Bruce Wilkinson’s book, “First Hand Faith,” this series explores the idea that each generation…each person must make a decision to pursue God personally.  Excellent for youth groups and audiences, this series challenges hearers to consider where they are truly at in relation to God.

A Practical Foundation (up to 10 sessions – customizable to group & time constraints)

Centuries after the NT was written, it is easy for us to read its letters without any idea about the cultural context in which Jesus and the apostles lived.  This can lead to a superficial reading that can often lead to inaction and apathy.  Packed with facts and details from 1st century Palestine, the emphasis of this course is on practically applying the truths of the NT as understood within the original context of its writing.

Single Session Talks

Yesterday, Today and Forever

Have you ever heard someone disdainfully claim that the God of the OT is obviously different from the God of the NT?  Have you ever wondered why some stories have been included in the OT at all?  This talk centers around the idea that God is the same yesterday, today and forever, and uses seemingly obscure OT passages to illustrate that truth.

Spiritual Breathing

Breathing…it’s basic to life and obviously involves two key elements: inhaling and exhaling!  Just as physical life needs both of these to survive and thrive, so we need to spiritually breathe to promote health and life.  Spiritual breathing is a simple, yet profound approach to personal and corporate discipleship.

Basics of Greek Grammar

Don’t let the title fool you – grammar can actually be incredibly exciting, meaningful, and applicable to everyday life.  Understanding just a few basics of Greek grammar can help us to more accurately understand the truths of Scripture.  With stories and illustrations galore, this isn’t simply a boring walk through the intricacies of a language.  Instead, this talk centers on the richness of Scripture in a way that will challenge, equip, and inspire listeners.